The Detroit Chop Shop

In 2012, I did a 4-month field recording internship with Ric Viers of BlastwaveFX / The Detroit Chop Shop. He does an internship every summer where he creates a themed library from scratch. We spend 4 months recording and editing full-time. The entire internship is filmed to create a making-of video series known as "The Chop Shop Video Diaries." 

Since my initial internship, we've continued to collaborate together on his summer internships. I've been involved with recording or editing a number of libraries released by BlastwaveFX.


The Zombie Apocalypse Library

Summer 2012. The first library I worked on as an intern for BlastwaveFX. This library was designed to contain any sort of sound you'd need for a project involving zombies. In the course of production, we did several vocal sessions with actors, a couple large multi-microphone firearm shoots, several car recordings, crowd/walla effects, junkyard demolition, and a lot of foley work--especially gore foley with fruits and veggies.

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Superheroes & Villains Library

Summer 2013. I came back to the Chop Shop to do another round of recording and act as a mentor to the new batch of interns.  This superhero-based library has sounds ranging from superpowers, and over-the-top action sequences, to the ambiences of nefarious supervillain lairs.  The production of this library involved multi-microphone setups for fireworks, explosions and guns; working with actors for spoken lines and walla; demolition sessions at junkyards; recording urban and natural environments; and foley work, particularly of fabrics and metal.

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Haunted FX Library

Summer 2015. I hosted Ric and the Season 5 team of interns for 4 days of field recording in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  We recorded rubble and firearms at several abandoned urban facilities; ambiences and rockfalls a quarter mile underground in one of the largest copper mines in the world; as well as recording daytime and night ambiences.

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Action Movie Sound Effects Library

Summer 2016. I hosted Ric and the Season 6 team of Interns for a week long field recording expedition in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  We recorded an assortment of firearms in both exterior and interior settings, an assortment of fire effects, vehicles as well as daytime and night ambiences.

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